Things I find annoying about my shih tzu….

21 Nov

On a relaxing Saturday afternoon when I like to sit down and watch cartoons, I can always count on my lovable and warm shi tzu to ruin the peace. Osi will be sitting on the window sill, watching the cars pass by and resting his head on his paws until he sees an owner and their dog. As soon as he sees the dog, Osi jumps up and starts barking aggressively, waking up everyone in the whole house and creating a ruckus. I’m always up and off the couch, trying to pry him from the window, sometimes getting scratched and bitten. And as soon as he calms down, he runs over to the window sill to lie down again. Only to go crazy the next time he sees another dog.

I’d be lying if I said I love everything about Osi and his many quirks because Osi always finds a way to annoy me some days. The barking episodes are just one of the many things that annoy me.  Sometimes, he’s very territorial about his things, he’s too excited at times and he doesn’t like to listen. According to Canada’s Guide to Dogs, a shih tzu is known for his stubborn attitude and defiant personality, which explains why I always have to be patient and persistent with Osi.

After four years with Osi, here are ways that he annoys me:

He doesn’t like to be left alone

I remember when Osi was small and he would cry and whine every time I left him alone at night in the basement to sleep. I would lay his red fluffy bed right beside the couch and stay with him for a few minutes until his brown eyes closed. Slowly and quietly, I tip-toed out of the room and closed the door, but the second I stepped out of the room, he would scratch the door and bark, thinking that I was never coming back. Even to this day, Osi doesn’t like to be left in a room alone and will get up and find someone to sleep next to or sit beside. I think it’s cute at times, but having a shih tzu who wants to be around you all the time doesn’t leave you a lot of time for yourself.

He always excited

When my mom first got Osi he was the only dog in the room who liked playing and jumping around. He would jump on top of other dogs and lean over them to get their attention before running off. He enjoyed playing tag and hide-and-seek with his friends. Osi socializes with many dogs and tries to be their friend; however, he never stops being excited even after 30 minutes of play time. As soon as I take out his leash in the afternoon, he starts to jump on me and whine for me to hurry up. He can never sit still while I’m putting the leash on him. As we’re walking, he will always tug the leash, dragging me along until he reaches the park. I’ll stay with him and the other dogs and get them to play with each other, but after 30 minutes, when it’s time to go, he’ll refuse to go back home. He’ll bark and yank all the way to the house to persuade me to go back, but I stand my ground.

He hates baths

I always assumed all dogs like water and enjoy warm baths, but Osi hates them. He tenses up when he gets close to a sink or a gardening hose. And as soon as he is wet, he’ll run to the carpet and roll over it to get dry. My family and I realized early on that Osi did not like water when he refused to stay still in the bath despite its warm and refreshing feel. The first time I put him in the bath he whined and squirmed, splashing the water everywhere. My clothes got soaked (now I have to wear pyjamas every time I bathe him) and my hair became frizzled. Osi pushed against the sink to get away from the water, creating an even bigger mess on the ground that I would have to clean up. When the bath was over, he shook his whole body, spattering water drops everywhere. With the towel, I dried him while he fidgeted the whole time and as soon as I put him on the ground he ran everywhere in the house, trying to dry himself. Giving Osi a bath is one of the hardest things to do on a daily basis. Sometimes, I’d rather he stay dirty than wash him.

He doesn’t like big dogs

Osi gets along perfectly with children, and small dogs, but he cannot get along with big dogs. Whenever he sees another dog that’s bigger than him, he runs over to the dog and barks until the other dog and him fight. The hardest part is prying the two apart afterwards. When Osi was three years old, he snuck out the front door and sprinted towards the husky that lives right outside my house. The husky was huge with a large, furry coat and straight, pointy ears while my dog was small with short, stubby legs and floppy ears. Osi ran up to the husky and stared at it before barking loud and egging it on. My dog resembled a rabbit trying to attack a wolf, which never ends well for the rabbit. Luckily, I arrived out of breath, picking Osi up in my arms and trying to calm him down. I disciplined him afterwards and make sure to back him away from the door whenever I go out, but he still hates bigger dogs and doesn’t look like he’ll get along with them any time soon.

He’s too territorial

Osi pees on everything. He pees on fire hydrants, trees and sometimes even people. Unfortunately, one time, he peed on an unsuspecting owner and the owner’s dog ended up peeing over it again. I was standing at the park talking to the other owners while Osi was playing with his friends when I noticed him sniffing around one of the owners’ shoes. I didn’t think much of it since Osi always does this, but as soon as I looked away I saw him at the corner of my eye lifting his leg up and before I could stop it, Osi had peed on the poor, unsuspecting owner. I felt guilty afterwards and scolded Osi while the owner said not to worry, but not too long after, the owner’s dog lifted his leg and peed over her shoes again. I could tell Osi was tempted to pee over the shoes again, but I put his leash on and took him back home before anything else could get peed on. His territorial habit is also common in the house. Whenever there is a new package or new boots that comes inside the house, Osi just can’t help, but pee over it to claim it as his own. Just yesterday, he peed on top of package that was supposed to be a gift to my brother. Unfortunately, that’s not my brother’s gift anymore.

He doesn’t listen

As a puppy, Osi was a good listener. When I said to drop a toy, he would drop it or when I said to go to the washroom, he would go to the washroom. Now at age 4, Osi will not listen unless you give him a treat. If you don’t have a treat, Osi ignores you. If you pull on his leash to listen, he ignores you. I still remember the time when he somehow managed to get out of the house and ran all throughout the neighbourhood while my dad and I tried to catch him. Once he got out of the house, he ran to the fire hydrant, two houses down, peed on it, and then ran after a squirrel. As my dad and I panted after him, he chased the squirrel up the tree. Terrified he might hit a car, we kept shouting his name to call him back. My dad who is a soccer coach and regular jogger couldn’t keep up with Osi and was panting by the end. Finally, while Osi was peeing on some grass, my dad scooped him up and scolded him. My dad and I were both red in the face by the end and we were exhausted. Nowadays, we’re very careful with letting Osi near the door since we don’t want to run another race.


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