How to groom your shih tzu

10 Oct

Grooming your shih tzu is essential to making sure your dog’s hygiene and health are in good condition. Because the breed has relatively long hair that grows at a fast pace, shih tzus need their fur combed daily and a bath at least once a month. If you avoid grooming your shih tzu altogether, bacteria and infections may spread on your dog’s body. Below is a guide to learning how to groom your shih tzu.

What you’ll need:

Slicker brush


Matt splitter (optional)

Matt spray (optional)


Dog perfume

Paper towel

Clean towel

Section 1: Prepping your shih tzu for a bath

  1. Give your shih tzu a quick 5 minute brush before putting him/her in the bath tub.
  2. Go over knots and tangles, trying to unravel them. If you have matt spray, use the spray in those areas.
  3. Clean his/her face and anal area with a cotton ball or tissue to get rid of any dirt that will be hard to get rid of in the bath.
  4. Check the temperature of the water before putting your shih tzu in.

Section 2: Bathing your shih tzu

  1. Prepare a shallow bath with warm water.
  2. Begin wetting your shih tzu with the warm water before putting him/her into the bath. Your shih tzu may resist at first, but wait patiently for him/her to get comfortable.
  3. Take a blob of shampoo and start to massage the shampoo throughout the fur. Massage shampoo in the areas that get dirty quickly such as his belly, the insides of his legs and his bum. Avoid getting shampoo and water in your shih tzu’s eyes, ears, and nose.
  4. Take a pitcher or a small cup and rinse your shih tzu.
  5. Dry your shih tzu off with a clean towel outside of the tub. Dry the hard to reach places such as your dog’s ears with paper towel or cotton balls. You can also use a blow dryer to speed up the process.

Section 3: Brushing your shih tzu’s coat

  1. Brush your shih tzu’s fur down and out with a slicker brush, always brushing in the direction of where the fur grows.
  2. When you reach knots or tangles, slowly go over the fur with your brush repeatedly, trying not to pull your shih tzu’s skin. If the knot is too big, you can cut the knot with a pair of scissors. The best type of brush to use for this is a matt splitter.
  3. With a metal comb, you can brush the dog’s head, beard, under the eyes and behind the ears. Places that are sensitive for the shih tzu need a comb to brush the fur.
  4. After brushing your shih tzu’s fur for 10 minutes, spray him/her with some dog perfume.


Use a shampoo that is veterinarian approved before bathing your shih tzu

Keep your shih tzu away from the cold as he/she is drying from the bath


To speed the drying process up, gently squeeze the fur for excess water

Wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wet when bathing your dog.



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  1. Carol October 10, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

    Very nicely done!

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