Why Shih tzus are THE breed for you

3 Oct

People often ask me, “What’s so special about shih tzus?” I mean they’re small, they’re weak and they can be annoying at times. But what people tend to forget is that shih tzus can do a lot for you.

Can live in various living conditions

At just 28 cm (the highest height a shih tzu can reach), they’re one of the few breeds that do not need a lot to be happy. For one, their living conditions can be as diverse as a small cabin to a small apartment. They find innovative ways to entertain themselves inside, which is okay since the breed is actually somewhat sensitive to heat. When it comes to my dog Osi, he’s very tranquil and calm sitting on his window ledge just staring at people who walk by.

Friendly attitude towards people and other dogs

Besides the diverse living conditions shih tzus can live in, they are known for their happy, friendly attitude towards other people and dogs. The best part about being a small dog is that you will never intimidate other dogs unlike pit bulls or St. Bernards. This breed is known to be one of the most open and caring to other animals and most of the time they just want to make a new friend. My dog Osi gets along with pretty much everyone he meets and the worse he can do is smother you with kisses.

Minimal Exercise

The advantages of having a shih tzu do not end here. One of the biggest advantages with this breed is that they are known for their minimal exercise. When it comes to shih tzus, they are very flexible to exercise time. They only need a short walk to satisfy them for the rest of the day or better yet, some playtime will tire them out. My dog actually prefers shorter walks since longer walks result in water breaks and lying down. The sun always seems to tire him out, therefore, the shorter the walk the better.

Small size

I hate to say it and many people may disagree with me, but shih tzus are a great breed because of their small size. When they’re small you can pick them up, you don’t have to worry about the dog eating the food on the high counters, and you don’t have to be scared about them overpowering you. They’re easily controllable and with enough assertiveness, you can train them quick. Because Osi is so small, I can pretty much pick him up whenever there’s mud I don’t want him to step on or when I just want to give him a hug. However, if Osi were a 60 pound Labrador, those things would be impossible.

Clever and loyal

Not many people believe me when I say my shih tzu is clever, but that’s because they have probably never owned a shih tzu. My dog can tell when we’re teasing him and when he’s being lied to. The other day, we tried to trick him into thinking there was no food in the napkin and he kept scratching at it until we gave in. He also happens to find ways to get on tables when we least expect him to. It’s the reason we now have to put all the food in hard to reach places. Also, just because they are small, does not mean they are not loyal dogs. Osi is very protective of me and my family and if someone or a dog tried to threaten us, he wouldn’t hesitate to attack.

There are lots of reasons why getting a shih tzu is a good decision and if I could I would list all of them for you. Above are just some of the major reasons why shih tzus may be the breed for you. My mom ended up getting Osi because he was playful and wouldn’t grow up to be that big and it worked out for us at the end of the day. I wouldn’t trade him for any other type of breed. Either way, think about how your life would change if you got a shih tzu.


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