Links to get you started

27 Sep

We all love our shih tzus, but I’m sure we don’t know enough about the breed, for example where the breed came from, why it’s the right breed for you, and what is its temperament?

Below are some websites with facts that you may find intriguing or at the very least interesting.

Introduction to the Shih Tzu:

Shih tzus need a fair amount of attention when it comes to health. With their big, doe eyes, and small noses, shih tzus are prone to diseases and illness. Not only is their physical health important, but also their dental health, which is often ignored. Below are some important websites that help shih tzu owners keep their pets healthy.

How to keep your Shih Tzu healthy:

Training can be a hassle for owners with shih tzus since the breed is known to be stubborn and easily sidetracked. However, teaching your shih tzu how not to bite and how to go potty outside makes a huge difference in your lifestyle and your pet’s. Below are some links to help you get started on training:



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